Smart Bidet Seats

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Smart Bidet Seats

Bidets Seats are facilities that are applied after the restroom. These facilities became widespread in several countries around the globe.

Several bidet seats include a wand or rod with multiple nozzles that spray water to provide the wash. Several nozzles are designed to spray water in certain ways to boost the effectiveness for various wash settings.

Easily, bidets are facilities or systems that are applied to provide water for washing after the use of the restroom. Bidets have a similar function as toilet paper, but they are better. Applying the bidet after the restroom is the healthier and cleaner way.

The most commonly applied types of bidets are standalone bidet basins, bidet toilet seats, non-electric bidet attachments, and bidet showers. The most widespread facility is the bidet seat.

Bidet toilet seats are facilities that are connected to the top of the present toilet. Its set is easy: remove the toilet seat and attach the bidet seat as an alternative to it. These facilities don’t require any added plumbing system as they are connected to the present cold water resource behind the toilet. You just need to adjust the water heater you require. The water heater and a warm air dryer are built-in into the bidet seat. 

bidet seat

The work of the bidet seat is as easy as its construction. You just require to push the WASH button to make the water spray. The major pros of the bidet toilet seat are that you don’t require added space or a special bidet basin, it can be fixed to the toilet. Moreover, the bidet toilet seats demand electricity, which is why you require the installation of a nearby outlet.

How To Measure Bidet Seat For A Toilet

Depending to recent research, 50% of the customers have failed to mistake the proper size of the bidet seat in their restroom. The other problem customers face is that they install the bidet seat inappropriately.

Bidet seats come in a variety of sizes that should be outlined. However, if you follow several rules, fixing the bidet seat is quick and effortless. Easy four steps will help you to select the proper bidet seat for your restroom.

  1. First of all, determine the length of the toilet by placing the tape measure between the fixing holes until the end of the toilet.
  2. After that, determine the width across the pan at the widest point.
  3. Determine the height by measuring the length between the fixing holes and the cistern of the toilet. You should note that the distance between 2 fixing holes may be different.

Advantages Of applying The Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidet Toilet Seats become widespread bath facilities that have a huge amount of aspects and modern options. There are several advantages of fixing the bidet seat in your restroom:

  • Flexible water heat and pressure;
  • Flexible spray position;
  • Flexible Nozzles that expand the water spray in the required way;
  • Built-in Air-Dryer.

Bio Bidet Seat is an innovative facility with an improved design that will modernize the restroom and develop the level of living. The impressive hybrid water heating is a reliable and effective function that combines the water flow and proper heat regulation.

Bidet Toilet Seats

Bio Bidet offers a 3-in-1 nozzle made of pure stainless steel for durable and effortless use. The CleaneSurge Rapid Self-Cleaning is another innovative feature that allows the reverse of the nozzle during the water flow over it.

Bidet Toilet Seats are an innovative solution for those who don’t want to take up much space in the bath- or restroom. applying a bidet seat can be effortless. Select the best one for you!

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