The Best Way to Extend Ethernet Connection

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The Best Way to Extend Ethernet Connection

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Everyone knows that setting up a network via Ethernet cables is not a walk in the park. The cables may be too short and stressful situations may occur as well. To avoid them and extend your Ethernet connection, there are several methods.

How to Extend Your Ethernet Connection?

What is an Ethernet extender?

How to extend Ethernet to another room? Or maybe you need extension to your garage or you have bigger things in mind like, for example, extending Ethernet connection within large enterprise facilities, college campuses, the list goes on. There are different methods to extend your Ethernet cable.

You can use inline couplers, network switches, Ethernet extenders, etc. The first two methods are good, however, there are some limits.

Inline Coupler

Inline Coupler

If you decided to use inline couplers, you need to wire both ends of the cables with RJ45 male connectors and then use inline Ethernet couplers with female/female RJ45 connectors. Please note that it is better to use inline couplers within approximately 328 ft.

Inline Coupler

Network Switch

But how to extend Ethernet cable beyond 100 meters (or 328 ft)?

A network switch (or an Ethernet switch) will provide additional Ethernet connections, for instance, in your office. However, when it comes to network switches, it is recommended to use them if you need to cover distances shorter than 656 ft.

In both cases, exceeding the above-mentioned limits can result in worse network performance. If you consider bigger distances, you should definitely pay attention to an Ethernet extender. Let’s figure out what it is.

Ethernet Extender

What is an Ethernet extender?

Network Switch

It is also known as a network extender or LAN extender. This device is designed to extend an Ethernet or network segment beyond its inherent distance limitation (approximately 328 ft). With Ethernet extenders, you will save your money and reduce unnecessary risks. There is no need to install expensive alternative equipment plus quality Ethernet extenders will protect and improve communications in extreme conditions (e.g. mining shafts).

WIth a coax Ethernet extender, you can easily extend your Ethernet connection up to more than half a mile. This extender allows you to run a LAN connection over existing coaxial cable (no modification required). It is a great option for many applications, for example, connecting isolated user stations from the same/separate building or overcoming infrastructure obstacles if new wiring/wireless connectivity may be impossible to use.

Do Ethernet Extenders Reduce Speed?

No, they don’t slow down the Internet speed because of the strong connection which is not prone to interference.

How to Use an Ethernet Extender?

Ethernet extenders are plug-and-play products. Using them is easy as ABC, just follow a few simple steps:

1. Connect your Ethernet cable (compatible with your extender) to an Ethernet port on the router or connection hub.

Connect your Ethernet cable

2. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on your extender.

Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port

3. Connect your Ethernet extender to a power source.

Connect your Ethernet extender

4. Plug your router or connection hub into a power source (in case it is not plugged in). The indicators on the router and your Ethernet extender should signal that there is a connection. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to know exactly which indicators to look at.

Plug your router or connection hub into a power source

The Best Ethernet Extenders

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Final Thoughts

Now you understand how to extend your Ethernet cable. It is easy and cost-effective. In addition, you know which Ethernet extenders to choose. Find the the best solution on our website!

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