Trumpf Hot Deal!

Trumpf Hot Deal!

Trumpf TruTool S 250 Rechargeable Battery Shear - Lowered Price & Additional $100 Discount! 

Trumpf TruTool S 250 is a unique rechargeable battery shear that can cut sheet thicknesses of 2.5 mm in mild steel and 1.5 mm in stainless steel. It is ideal for daily use. You will have an unrestricted view of the work surface and cutting line. In addition, this tool performs well in curves: a minimum radius of 20 mm ensures excellent results. 


Cordless Alliance System

CAS means 1 battery for everything, 100% compatibility in the 18-volt class for machines, rechargeable battery packs, and rechargers – regardless of manufacturer. 

Brushless motor

Practically unlimited service life, virtually wear-free, and hardly any maintenance. In addition, increased battery performance per charge.

Long service life

Low operating costs as a result of the 4-way cutter rotation.

Uniquely powerful 

It’s the first shear with a rechargeable battery for cutting mild steel up to 2.5 mm & stainless steel up to 1.5 mm.


Enjoy a lowered price & a $100 discount on top of that on Trumpf TruTool S 250 rechargeable battery shear, use the TRUMPF100 coupon code!

Hurry! This Special Offer is valid while supplies last! ONLY 2 ARE IN STOCK!

*This Special Offer is not valid with any other offer, promotion, or promo code.

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