ID Card Readers

A magnetic ID card reader (reader, card reader) is a device used to obtain information from various types of cards: discount, bank, identification, and more. The reader allows the operator to get basic information about the card user, for example, about their purchases, or data about an employee of the organization in access control systems. The fields of application of modern card readers are very diverse, the readers are perfect for the entire spectrum of smart card use:

  • paying for goods and services;
  • authorization in the PC operating system;
  • organization of access control systems;
  • working with social cards;
  • working in retail trade, etc.

There is a wide range of readers: from built-in computer keyboards to card readers for payment terminals and vending machines. At Prime Buy, you will find Magnetic Stripe, Proximity Card, Smart Card, and Wiegand Card Readers. For data and power transmission, both the USB port and the PS/2, RS-232, RS485 or contactless interface (GPRS, BlueTooth) can be used. A USB bus or an autonomous power supply can be used as a power source for a smart card reader. Smart card readers support microprocessors, cryptoprocessor smart cards, and all types of memory cards.

At Prime Buy, we offer a wide range of card readers. You can buy a magnetic card reader to work with different cards or a simpler economical model for a certain type of identifier. We offer devices from the world's leading manufacturers - ID Tech, Magtek, HID Identity, Uniform, Hikvision, etc.

ID Card Readers

ID Card Readers

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