Cameras are essential in a security system and can be installed in homes, offices, retail stores, and more to provide security.

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Wireless cameras are always connected to Wi-Fi. These devices transmit video and audio signals through radio waves. They capture the data and send it to a receiver, and then you can use a computer or disk for data storage. 

Wired cameras transmit video and audio signals through a wire to a central hub. The data can remain on the hub for later viewing or it can be sent outside of the home to a network. The network allows users to see the video live or watch it later.

PTZ Cameras are pan, tilt, and zoom robotic cameras used to control the camera remotely. These cameras can pan horizontally, tilt vertically, and zoom in on a subject to improve image quality without digital pixelation. 

Fixed Dome Cameras are compact devices with a dome casing that protects against redirection, defocusing, and impact and also hides which way the camera is pointing.

IP Cameras receive and send video data through an IP network. These cameras don’t require a local recording device, only a local network. They are most commonly used as a remote monitoring device in various applications to protect the property or monitor home, business, or public security.  

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