PrimeBuy offers barcode scanners from the industry's top brands, such as Socket Mobile, Datalogic ADC, CipherLab, Adesso, and Opticon. We introduce barcode reading solutions for various applications, whether automated or semi-automated, to help build stable data acquisition systems.

The main distinguishing features of barcode scanners are:

  • scanning speed
  • type of readable barcode
  • scanning distance
  • type (LED, laser, image scanners)

What to consider when choosing a scanner?

  • barcodes your barcode scanner will read (linear, two-dimensional, QR codes, 2D codes)
  • quality of reading codes (crayons, damaged)
  • place of use (store, warehouse, logistics, delivery service, etc.)
  • connection to your PC (KBW, Bluetooth, RS-232, USB, Wi-Fi)
  • wired or wireless scanner required

Properly selected, the device reduces working time, increases productivity and speed while working with the goods in a warehouse or factory. PrimeBuy offers a wide range of scanners at affordable prices.

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