Fans are devices used for the circulation of air in rooms and buildings, for cooling motors and transmissions, materials, products, and for air-conditioning systems.

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Generally, a fan is a powered machine used to produce airflow. A fan includes a rotating arrangement of vanes or blades (generally made of wood, plastic, or metal) that move air. The rotating blade assembly is called an impeller, rotor, or runner.

Wall fans provide excellent air circulation. These fans push air through the space. Wall fans are ideal for moving cool air in rooms and removing warm air. Wall-mounted fans allow you to feel cool in a room.

A ceiling fan is considered the most effective because the air circulates to create a draft throughout the room.

Exhaust fans operate by removing unneeded odors, moisture, smoke, and other pollutants in the air. When steam and moisture are in the air, mold growth can occur. That is why, when you use an exhaust fan, the steam is emitted outside, which allows you to control mold in your home. 

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