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It is very important to use healthcare and beauty equipment to provide your body with maximum health. That is why, it is essential to know what different types of healthcare equipment are available, the different functions of each, and their importance for our bodies. Every day the variety of different types of healthcare and beauty equipment and supplies is expanding.

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Health Care & Beauty

Health Care & Beauty

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Seat support bottoms are used to remove pressure from your tailbone and alleviate back pain. They can also maintain a healthy curve in the patient’s lower spine and provide more support.

A digital ear camera is used to examine the tympanic membrane. The tool includes a spade to clean the ear canal and a small camera to record photos and videos from inside the ear for later viewing.

A shockwave therapy device is used to accelerate the healing process in the body by stimulating the metabolism and enhancing blood circulation to regenerate damaged tissue. Such devices are considered to be among the most effective tools for shockwave therapy.

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