Power Stations, either portable or stationary, provide a reliable source of power whatever is going on around. Fuel-, sollar-, and battery-powered generators come in various form factors for you to find the most suitable variant that will meet all your needs.

Reliable connections are the basis of any power circuit. Cable Management products, Power Strips, and Switches as well as Plugs & Connectors, play an indispensable role in connecting devices together. Altogether, they represent the cornerstone of a durable and secure electrical system.

Among other solutions, Electrical & Lighting offers you a wide range of Flashlights. Incandescent or LED, tactical or helmet-mounted, utility or heavy-duty, they are designed to fulfill all your needs, both regular and specific.

Prime Buy offers you a wide array of high-quality Electrical & Lighting devices from the most trusted brands at a bargain price.

Search for the most suitable variant right now!

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