As a part of the Gagne family, Porta-Trace is a quality USA manufacturer of affordable, enduring, and reliable LED Light Boxes. Persistent attention to every detail made Porta-Trace products famous for their unmatched design and prime quality all over the world. Popular Porta-Trace applications include industries such as art, photography, medicine, tattoo, forestry, drafting, design, dentistry, and other painting markets.

Aesthetics, brightness, and versatility make Porta-Trace a “must-have” on the market. Prime Buy would like to offer you a selection of Stainless Steel Light Boxes, Light Panels, Light Tables, Wood Light Boxes, and much more. Only advanced proven LED technology is used in every unit. 

More than 50 years of expertise are embodied in every Porta-Trace lighting solution! Order today at Prime Buy!

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