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Phenyx Pro offers high-quality audio equipment. 

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Phenyx Pro

Phenyx Pro

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Phenyx Pro believes in the power of music. That’s why the company focuses on audio product innovation to provide its customers with the best solutions that will meet their needs.   

On Prime Buy, choose from Phenyx Pro wireless microphone systems, audio mixers, wireless in-ear monitor systems, and more.

The Phenyx Pro PTU-5000 is a professional wireless microphone system (4 channels), it provides a pro sound, it’s perfect for small & large venues. The PTU-5000A comes with 4 handheld microphones, and the PTU-5000B includes 2 handheld mics & 2 bodypacks & 2 headset/lapel microphone combo.

The Phenyx Pro PTU-7000 wireless microphone system (4 channels) offers a crispy sound and excellent performance. It has an auto-scan function that allows you to locate the best frequency available. You will get on stage with confidence. The PTU-7000A comes with 4 handheld mics, and the PTU-7000B has 4 bodypacks & 4 headset/lapel microphones. 

Phenyx Pro offers audio solutions for different users, from beginners to professionals, including musicians, DJs, priests, etc.