With years of experience, North manufactures reliable safety products, renowned for their high quality and dependability. From cutting-edge eyewear to the latest advances in respiratory technology, the company supplies its customers with excellence, being at the cusp of innovation and offering state-of-the-art solutions.

Prime Buy offers an extensive range of North products:

North products daily protect workers on job sites, in production halls, on pipelines or platforms, as well as firefighters in an emergency or high-risk environments. It offers proven protection against chemical splashes, flying objects, airborne particles, harmful radiation, electrical risks, high and low temperatures, etc.

The company's design & engineering team is passionate about creating new solutions that respond to the needs of its customers and follow the latest market trends. North has managed to combine the latest in protective technology with freedom of movement and user-friendliness.

Find your protective solution from North and buy it at Prime Buy!

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