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Founded in 1970, MultiTech is an industry-leading company that manufactures communication devices for the IoT and M2M spaces. With an extensive variety of leading-edge products, the company has millions of satisfied clients the world over in a number of industrial spheres, including logistics, warehousing, construction, energy, and more.

The IoT is a catch-all term for a constantly growing number of electronic input and output devices and even industrial machines that are connected to each other in order to send, receive, and operate data. The technology originated from M2M (machine-to-machine communication), the development of which dates back to the early 20th century. It generally refers to data exchange between various devices without human participation.

MultiTech offers a wide range of state-of-the-art devices for wired, cellular, and LoRa networks, such as gateways, modems, and routers. These durable, quality-tested, and certified devices represent a cost-effective solution for a demanding industrial environment.

The list of MultiTech products also includes an array of best-in-class embedded devices that address connectivity across a number of technologies, such as analog, Ethernet, LPWA, and Pan. Best-in-class MultiTech cellular modems is a low-power and cost-effective way to upgrade existing devices and extend the life of legacy equipment to save money and time.

MultiTech constantly develops innovative technologies that enable companies to create a comfortable and safe environment with a great number of devices working seamlessly together.

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Multi Tech
Multi Tech
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