Multi-Link manufactures a variety of top-rated connectivity and networking solutions. Its products are used in a number of spheres, including the federal government, municipalities, hospitality, retail, and more.

Multi-Link produces high-quality cell signal amplifiers to suit all needs. An amplifier itself adds gain or power to the cellular reception. This way, you can avoid problems connected with dropped calls, unsent texts, and slow data speeds in bad reception areas.

Multi-Link M2M cellular gateways provide translation between different protocols, and typically offer a data path to the Internet or a local network. All models provide advanced error detection and reset schedules. Equipped with 3G & 4G LTE units and GPS interfaces, Multi-Link gateways meet all modern requirements.

Multi-Link line sharing products are compatible with nearly all of today’s current telephony services and cable phone companies. The list of its products includes durable ring call routers and network switches (enable reliable and secure communication between different networked devices).

Invisible and non-intrusive Multi-Link Network TAPs allow you to securely access and effectively monitor your network in real time. This technology is widely used in different companies to manage their networks.

The company produces reliable and cost-effective surge protectors to protect your gear from the most common power problems that can have fatal consequences for your equipment.

Multi-Link’s line of power products includes reliable uninterruptable power supply solutions. The technology itself offers guaranteed power protection for connected electronics. In case of interruptions, your UPS system will provide clean battery backup power for sensitive equipment.

In addition, the company manufactures a wide range of remote power controllers, Ethernet extenders, media converters, cords, chargers, and more.

With Multi-Link, you can be sure that your investment is protected.

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