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"LD Systems - Free Your Sound" is the company’s slogan. This company will provide you with an exclusive ability to set your sound free anywhere you want with innovative and powerful loudspeakers, power amplifiers, etc. Whether it is a concert or conference, you can rely on LD Systems portable sound systems.

Product developers at LD Systems make sure that the sound in your mind becomes a reality and is heard. They use state-of-the-art technologies in order to provide you with top-quality products.

Simple, intuitive, and efficient operation is already taken into account at an early stage of development. Due to the award-winning design language of the company’s products, they are perfect to be heard and great to behold.  LD Systems® employs not just sound technology specialists, but great enthusiasts in their field who work out every detail so the sound and design meet the highest standards.

"Pro Audio In Motion" is the company’s philosophy that has developed it into a strong brand with groundbreaking ideas and an extensive product portfolio. LD Systems is a deservedly respected name among many customers across the globe.

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