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IEI Integration Corp. is one of the global leaders in the production of industrial computers, it turns to artificial intelligence and networking edge computing. In all areas of its business, including research, product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and service, the company is fully focused on its customers' interests and needs.

A broad range of IEI products presented at Prime Buyincludes:

Today, IEI products are widely used in industrial automation, computer telephony, security systems, and trade terminals in various industries.

The company maintains high production quality standards. IEI conducts the quality control of raw materials, reliability tests, environmental testing, and electromagnetic interference testing.

IEI is the leading brand in the industry. The company has more than ten award-winning products. For example, the XGA Fanless Ultra Panel PC models are the 2018 Red Dot Design Award Winners. 

After a series of successful mergers, IEI Integration Corp. has shown record growth rates and has become a large corporation that offers top-quality products.

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