Crucial, a brand of Micron, was established in 1996 with an idea to help consumers improve their computers through do-it-yourself memory upgrades. It was an exceptional and the very first opportunity for end-users to buy memory. It was the starting point for the brand's development.

  • When DDR technology was introduced in 2000, Crucial was the first to make it available to those looking to upgrade their own systems. 
  • The Crucial® SSD debuted in 2008.

Crucial reflects its status as the only consumer memory upgrade supplier, a part of a major DRAM manufacturer. The company sells high-quality memory approved by most major OEMs. All products comply with present-day standards and meet customers’ requirements. 

Crucial’s experience resulted in flagship products that are built to last, undergoing various quality tests. Expertise is a legacy of innovation and a vision of the future. The brand offers quality and reliability. Crucial is a respected name among many customers across the globe. 

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Crucial - You’ll notice the difference.

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