Citizen is a top-rated manufacturer of printing solutions. The company was established more than a hundred years ago, but it still astonishes the world with its innovative, cost-effective products.

Citizen printers are used in a variety of spheres, including warehousing, logistics, ticketing, and more. Healthcare is not an exception. Various medical labels, receipts, waiting numbers, patient information, and wristbands - all of these can be printed with Citizen hardware. In retail, it provides high-quality solutions for printing asset tags, price markdown labels, coupons, and receipts. The latest is also important for the hospitality business. Self-service, tableside, and customer receipts complete with order numbers, kitchen order slips, and takeaway labels became an integral part of the hotel and restaurant businesses.

With a wide range of solutions, Citizen is ready to meet all your needs.

Barcode and label printers from Citizen are distinct in their portability and reliability. Being durable, they are perfect for everyday use. The company also manufactures wide format solutions for printing labels up to 178 mm in width for the specific needs.

Citizen offers a wide range of reliable POS printers. Compact and portable, they are easy to carry and maintain. Some models are even equipped with flash memory that makes the devices able to store graphics.

Robust mobile printers allow employees to remain flexible. Whatever their duties are, there is no need to waste time getting to the office to print the necessary labels. Thus, user-friendly mobile devices from Citizen can streamline the workflow and increase productivity.

The company also manufactures kiosk printer mechanisms for machine integration. These solutions are ideal for ATMs and car park payment machines.

A wide range of Citizen photo printers allows users to capture the real beauty in a high resolution and natural-looking colors, whereas special software will maximize the efficiency of your device. In addition, Citizen produces a variety of printing supplies, including ribbons.

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