If you are a coffee fan, pay attention to Arzum OKKA Turkish coffee machines. They have a special "Direct Cup Service" feature that distributes the foam into all cups equally. With the "Slow Cooking" function, you will enjoy your coffee as if it was brewed on a wood fire, it is definitely worth trying! The "Self-Cleaning" function is for those who don’t want to spend extra time cleaning.

With Arzum OKKA Minio Turkish coffee maker, you can brew coffee for up to 4 cups at once, the device features special audio and light indicators, an anti-overflow system, in addition, it comes with a washable pot, which is very convenient!

Everyone deserves a quality Turkish coffee machine! You will easily improve your Turkish coffee experience. Don’t forget to invite your friends! 

Prime Buy offers a selection of electric Turkish coffee makers. The devices come in various colors to suit your interior design, just choose the right one for you & place your order right now!

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