AOC is a global manufacturer of award-winning monitors. Since the foundation in 1967, the company has made great progress in display technology. Now it offers a variety of high-quality products designed to meet all requirements.

A monitor itself is a device that displays information. Most computer users can’t imagine interacting with a computer without this output device. Monitors are usually characterized by size, resolution, aspect ratio, refresh rate, response time, and more. Obviously, the better the characteristics, the more possibilities a monitor gives.

AOC produces monitors with high resolution, stunning color accuracy, and an impressive set of advanced features. The company designed different lines of products for the specific home, office, and gaming needs.

AOC 40” big-format screens in minimalistic design will certainly suit all your everyday requirements. QHD and UHD technologies provide clear, sharp images, perfect for work and entertainment. Equipped with the latest eye care technology, home and office AOC monitors enable comfortable long-hour work in front of a computer without damaging your eyes.

Keeping pace with new technologies, the company introduced an innovative 15.6” portable monitor. Connected to a laptop with a single Type-C, it represents a compact easy-to-carry second monitor for you not to lose productivity, wherever life takes you.

Big ultra-wide gaming AOC displays with super-high refresh enable you to get into the game action and have the best gaming experience possible. With G-Sync and FreeSync technology, you can avoid stuttering and enjoy smooth and fast playing.

In addition, the company manufactures fully adjustable monitor arms, stands, and brackets to find the most comfortable monitor position.

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