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AES Global manufactures high-quality intercoms, wireless vehicle detection solutions, and more.

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AES Global is one of the leaders in wireless access control, it is a winner of multiple awards.

On Prime Buy, there is a wide range of AES intercoms (including cellular intercoms), e-Loop wireless vehicle detection products, etc.

Cellular intercoms use cellphone networks for voice & data communication. AES Global offers various solutions. For example, pay attention to PRIME7 advanced cellular intercoms. Receive calls on your home phone or smartphone when a visitor presses the call button. There are options with or without a keypad.

e-Loop wireless vehicle detection modules replace traditional wired inductive loops. They will save you money and time while reliability will be increased. These modules are easy to install and use. There are models for commercial and domestic applications. 

The company has numerous customers in over 50 countries around the world. Become one of them!