ACTi, founded in 2003, has evolved into an expert provider of IP video surveillance, applying big data analytics and artificial intelligence for business and security management solutions. Every constantly evolving business faces a number of the same ever-growing challenges. ACTi has developed an automated and trouble-free way to handle today's and tomorrow's business challenges. With ACTi's proprietary technologies, various sensors and IoT devices can easily and securely analyze video and metadata in accordance with the rules defined by the user. Providing such solutions is ACTi's core value.

The ACTi solution leverages store security cameras to help provide useful business intelligence data. ACTi’s advanced video analytics software can:

  • count people;
  • create heat maps to understand customer pathways;
  • identify customers by gender and age.

Data is updated in real time, allowing all levels of management to track KPIs at any moment. MAS (Market Application Suite) will automatically assess customer interest levels for you so that you can maximize the efficiency of human resources. The system is simple to use and implement. It can be accessed easily via web browsers on PCs or mobile phones and is conveniently displayed in a dashboard format. ACTi can even create a customized one to meet your specific needs. Boost the efficiency of your business processes and gain the insight you need to make the right calls whenever and wherever with ACTi’s retail MAS.


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