Whistler Radar Detectors

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Whistler Radar Detectors

Whistler Radar Detectors are produced to detect the presence of Radar and Laser commonly used for monitoring vehicle speed. These detectors are designed to keep you informed and aware of your surroundings allowing you to adjust your speed if needed.

Whistler CR97 Radar Detector is one of the highest-performing radar detectors produced to date with improvements in both Ka-band and K-band sensitivity. The CR97 provides the best features of the radar detector including Ka Max Mode for improved Ka detection, extra filter modes, RSID which detects police radar frequencies, and LSID which identifies the pulse rate of police lasers, including VPR radar guns.

Whistler CR97 Radar Detector is rated as the best valued-price GPS-enabled radar detector on the market.

Whistler CR88 Radar Detector is the most recent improvement to combat new vehicles equipped with FMCW K band blind spot and collision avoidance devices. The CR88 Radar Detector is the first device of its kind that offers bilingual (English/Spanish) Real Voice Alerts and a Blue OLED Text Display.

Whistler CR93 Radar Detector includes an Optimum Performance Platform and internal GPS. The GPS displays the locations of speed and red-light cameras. The database of the device can be updated through the included USB cable. The CR93 Radar Detector features FDSR, TFSR, and bilingual voice and text alerts. The radar also has multiple filters for eliminating false alerts and an external audio jack.

Whistler MFU440 Radar Detector is a cutting-edge device with a fully integrated dash camera. The MFU440 is a compact radar detector, so users can save space on the windshield. This high-performance device provides Bilingual Real Voice Alerts, OLED text display, and internal GPS.

Whistler has been innovating and patenting important radar detector advances, resulting in first-to-market accomplishments and top-performance rankings. The company’s pursuit of innovative design and technology ensures high-performance, user-friendly, and value-priced radar detectors.

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