Sensaphone Monitoring System

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Sensaphone Monitoring System

We live in a modern technology society where every work can be easier with a certain equipment. Factors such as humidity, high or low level of temperature and water influence our work. Remote environment monitoring system equipment by Sensaphone is produced to prevent hardware damage to server rooms, data centers and more.

Benefits of Sensaphone

Sensaphone is equipment with special inputs that can indicate actual temperature values, humidity and other sensor information that always allows you to monitor conditions whether it is normal or not.

Sensaphone helps to monitor and check environments and climate conditions of your server rooms and other industries. Sensaphone equipment allows you to access the reading from anywhere using your working pads or phone. It can alarm a problem in different ways. Even if you need to check the status you can use the mobile app or call and sensaphone will tell you that everything works normally. 

Sensaphone Equipment

Sensaphone 400 accepts four different inputs whether it is temperature or other type of sensor. The equipment comes with a plug in power supply that indicates power failures. It also can call up to four different phone numbers when an alarm has been detected. 

Sensaphone 400

The Sensaphone 800 will do as 400 does, but it provides additional four inputs and four additional numbers.

The Sensaphone 800

How to setup sensaphone monitoring system

Sensaphone Stratus EMS Monitoring System helps you to indicate data center facilities and environments. You can check climate and equipment-sensitive commodities at any time. If there’s a problem you’ll be first to know by the call or message on your mobile device.

Sensaphone Stratus EMS

If you don’t have a network the Stratus EMS can be used with Cellular Modem to provide cellular access. Such a device also allows you to put your Sensaphone in a place where connection may not be accessible, but a cellular signal is available.

Sensaphone FGD-4GLTE-RW

how does Sensaphone Stratus EMS work

Sensaphone WEB600 gives you the opportunity to monitor smaller scale applications such as computer rooms. It also includes a broad temperature sensing range (-109F to 168F) that makes it a perfect equipment for food and medical 

Sensaphone WEB600

In the event of power failure the WEB600 Battery Backup can provide up to 2 hours of power.

Sensaphone WEB600 Battery Backup

Sensaphone WSG30 offers a flexible monitoring solution when hard-wiring sensors is not a cost-effective or viable option. It also works as a data logger to demonstrate compliance.

Sensaphone WSG30

how does sensaphone WEB600 work

To get access to the work of your sensaphone over Wi-Fi you can use Sensaphone FGD-0250-U. Such equipment allows you to place your sensaphone in a place where the Ethernet connection isn’t available, but Wi-Fi signal is available.

Sensaphone FGD-0250-U

how does Sensaphone WSG30 work

Sensaphone equipment can be used in different areas such as Cool Storage, Livestock, Greenhouse, Residential, Data Center, etc and more. It can monitor from humidity conditions, extreme temperatures, tank levels to pressure levels and water condition in the area.

How to choose a Sensaphone Sensor

According to the inputs in sensaphone you can switch different sensors that are required for your work or needs at home. Not all the sensors work with all Sensaphone equipment. 

Sensaphone FGD-0110 Temperature and Humidity sensors are used with Stratus EMS models to measure the temperature and humidity in a clean, dry environment. Stratus EMS will alarm when the temperature or humidity are at a low or high limit.

Sensaphone FGD-0110

The RTD probe with 4-20mA transmitter can be used with a sensor to measure the temperature in extreme environments. It can work over the range -328 to 95F ( -200 to 35C), but also can be customized at time of order and work over the range -328 to 399,2F ( -200 - 204C).

The RTD probe with 4-20mA transmitter

Humidistat Humidity Switch is used to identify a high or low humidity level. It has a range of 10% to 80% of RH (Relative Humidity) level, the sensor alarms when the humidity is at a high or low level.

Humidistat Humidity Switch

Spot Water Detection Sensor can be used with all Sensaphone models to identify water presence or leaks on a horizontal surface. When the water is identified, the sensor sends an alarm to the Sensaphone.

Spot Water Detection Sensor

The Sensaphone Pressure Sensor is used to measure and identify loss of pressure in equipment. When there is a problem with a pump, loss of suction or a burst of pipe, the sensor alarms a problem to the Sensaphone.

The Sensaphone Pressure Sensor

Sentinel Cloud Based Monitoring

You can use a Sentinel cloud based monitoring where you can manage an unlimited number of equipment from one account, store a vast amount of datalogged records. Sensaphone also gives the opportunity to receive an e-mail, phone call or text message from your mobile app when the problem has been identified. All your readings are securely archived in the cloud, the data is never lost and the account is limited only by the user. When the power goes out, the system will send an alarm. 

With a Sensaphone you don’t need to worry about the status of different area conditions, so you can focus on your work.