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MagiCard ID Printers

MagiCard offers high-performance ID card printers. 

MagiCard Pronto ID Card Printer is a portable, versatile desktop device for lower volume issuance - great for small businesses. The Pronto ID Card Printer is lightweight but robust, its small footprint makes it ideal for a reception desk or an office environment. You just need to power it up, install its driver, drop the dye film in, and then you’re ready to go. MagiCard Pronto ID Card Printers allow you to print vibrant full-color cards or use thermally activated rewrite cards to erase and rewrite in monochrome. Rewritable cards are used for visitor management or for loyalty card printing. 

MagiCard Ultima Retransfer Card Printer is a high-grade processing device with a number of features. The Ultima Series is suitable for localized or centralized issues of high volumes of secure smart cards. Unlike the standard dye sublimation process, this device prints the card design on a clear film first, and then adheres it to the card surface. The retransfer process provides card durability and tamper resistance so the cards will last longer.    

MagiCard Rio Pro 360 Card Printer meets the standards for secure ID card printing. The device includes high-capacity card hoppers and a fast-print engine that produce large volumes of secure cards. The Rio Pro Series is built with high-performance materials and advanced components.

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