How To Test Smoke Detector

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How To Test Smoke Detector

Any electronic device at home or office may lose its effectiveness during long-term use. That is why smoke detectors are an essential part of establishment safety. To keep your property safe, it is crucial to check the performance of the smoke detector with specific tools.

Every application has to provide proper testing rules to perform the ideal safety standards of the establishment. That is why you have to apply the smoke detector tester appropriately.

It is crucial to maintain the smoke detection system appropriately because checking only the electrical device won’t provide maximum safety to the application and working staff. In case of a smoke or fire emergency, the application needs to be provided with a high-quality smoke detection system and tools to check it.

What Is Smoke Detector And What Kit Is Used To Test It

Smoke detectors are equipment applied for sensing smoke in the air. When the device detects those particles of smoke, it sends the signal to the alarm system to warn about a fire emergency for you to provide safety for your near and dear or working staff.

Smoke detectors are produced to recognize the problem immediately and to save hundreds of lives in the office. The manufacturers try to develop the smoke detection system. However, there may exist several problems with the proper work of the smoke detection device. That is why an innovative tool was produced, to test the smoke detector periodically and to solve mistakes immediately.

A smoke detector tester is applied for checking the smoke detection system in your house or office. Several rules have to be followed during the test of the smoke detection system. 

How To Test A Smoke Detector

The Solo brand offers its customers a new level of the test smoke detection system to provide maximum quality during the check. The Solo tools are easier and lighter to use and suitable for more industries and applications.

Industry professionals use solo smoke detector testers and consider it an important improvement among other ways of testing. The Solo smoke detector test grabs the leading technology and modern design. This innovative kit allows providing rapid testing of the smoke detector.  The Solo smoke detector test kit is suitable with any smoke detector as it has a lightweight design thus offering effortless testing even in a hard-accessed space.

Providing a simple test on the proper work of a smoke detector will start automatically when the Smoke detector Tester’s cup will be attached to the smoke detection system.

  1. Raise the Solo tester to the smoke detector to start testing;
  2. When the tester's cup attaches to the detector, the LEDs indicator will flash rapidly blue;
  3. When the proper amount of smoke will be produced, the detector has to enter the alarm system;
  4. Lower the Solo tester and the LEDs indicator will flash green.

There are several flashing that has to be recognized appropriately during the test:

There are several flashing that has to be recognized appropriately during the test

Note: The detector has to be fully entered into the Solo test cup for proper results. If the detector is entered inappropriately, there is the possibility that the results may be mistaken. That is why it is recommended to ensure that the Solo tester is placed carefully so that the detector will be in the center part of the cup. The detector that works appropriately will be activated when the smoke is produced. 

Note: After the 2-minute test, the Solo test will timeout indicating the Green/Red LEDs flashing indicator.

For more information on how to use a smoke detector tester you may use this manual.

Aspects Of Using The Smoke Detector

Every smoke detector has to be marked and used appropriately. To check the device for safety and proper performance, you have to use the proper tool or call a professional that understands the proper work of the smoke detector. The Solo Smoke Detector Test will help you to recognize the sensitivity of the smoke detection systems and ensures that any electrical device will function as it has to.

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