Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm

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Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm

Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm is a motion sensing driveway system with a LED system that provides identification of vehicles and people that are on the way.

Whether you want to monitor buildings around your property or to know if someone is going on your driveway. Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm system provides you an entire awareness of any presence on your way or property.

The Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm’s PIR motion sensor, long distance wireless range and easy installation - are features of the best driveway alarms manufactured by Dakota Alert. The motion sensor indicates people or vehicles that are going on in the driveway. It sends a wireless signal at a distance of up to a mile to the user. When the action is identified, the user is informed by the alarm notification.

Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm is a leader in motion sensing driveway system that will provide you a top-quality security up to 1 mile distance to you

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