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Night Vision Goggles


  1. How do Night Vision Goggles Work?
  2. Types of Night Vision Goggles
  3. How to Choose Best Night Vision Goggles
  4. How to Get Used to the Night Vision Goggles
  5. Tips for Proper Care of the Night Vision Goggles

Nowadays, modern society can’t imagine life without night vision technology. Many spheres and applications use night vision goggles. People who are equipped with night vision goggles, get a view that doesn’t differ from the view during the day-time. People who are fond of hunting or mountain hiking, may also use a night vision device.

We can use this night vision technology in any application where it is useful. And the fact is the devices become more convenient and innovative with specific technologies to make the use easier and effortless.

How do Night Vision Goggles Work?

Light consists of photons of different colors, that are basically particles of light. These photons maintain a light-sensitive surface in night vision goggles that is called photocathode. The photocathode mechanism transforms photons into electrodes that pass through the photomultiplier or as it is also called a photocell. After that, a huge number of electrons go through the phosphor screen, where a tint flashes of light are created by them.

How does work night vision goggles

Types of Night Vision Goggles

Different designs of Night Vision Goggles don't affect the quality of the image. What really affects the image is generation class and the magnification degree of the device. Nowadays, there are four major generation classes of night vision.

The first and the fourth generations are not represented on the market. The first generation is out-of-date and has no practical significance. The fourth generation is pretty costly due to the modern technologies and complexity of creation.

The second generation consists of a microchannel plate for faster electron increase and image resolution. This generation provides better than simple low light quality with little distortion. The second generation increased in quality and clearance than the generation 1 and is quite similar to the third generation.

The third generation is the most developed night vision technology. This generation includes top-quality components for an amount of benefits such as ion barrier film to increase the tube durability. The third generation can be used in both day and night vision conditions.

The third generation

There are two different types of phosphor technology:

White phosphor is a more innovative technology than the green one. For instance, the military gives a trophy to the white phospho. However, when there is a need to observe the area in a low dim light, the green phosphor takes the first place.

Another difference between two phosphor technologies is that there is less strain to the eyes when the white phosphor is used. If you are going to use it for a long-term operation, white phosphor should be more preferable, because it influences the human’s eyes better. Nevertheless, night vision goggles with night phosphor technology are more costly than with the green one.

difference between two phosphor technologies

How to Choose Best Night Vision Goggles

To choose ideal night vision goggles, you need to know the purpose of their use. Buying the most expensive equipment is not the solution. Everything relies on your purposes. Maybe you need night vision goggles with the second generation with a small estimation or probably the latest model with the third generation - every need is individual.

Night Vision Goggles have a huge amount of options and possibilities. However, when you get the desirable device, you’ll totally understand the weight of it and you’ll need to keep the device safe. That is why, according to the night vision goggles you need to get the helmet or face/skull mount to use the device properly and not to damage it. You can hold the device in your hands, however it’s not a convenient way, especially during night hunting.

How to Get Used to the Night Vision Goggles

First of all, point out that nothing and no one prohibits you from training yourself. There are a lot of training guides and instructions for the proper use of the night vision goggles. Moreover, there are a variety of video tutorials that will save your time and help you to gain some skills.

Take the night vision goggles when you’re out to adapt yourself to their weight and your eyes for its quality ofthe image. Remember that the first try to use the device will cause inconvenience to your eyes.

Night Vision Goggles

You may practice the device with the equipment you use for hunting. you may practice whatever you want, all actions that you do during the hunting influence the proper use of the night vision goggles. Try also driving with a device to get used to the space-related distortions.

During the practice, try to pay attention to all conditions that will cause inconveniences to your device. You should concentrate on the proper use of the night vision goggles, to get used to them as soon as possible. Combine the installation practice and the training with the sphere you are interested in.

Tips for Proper Care of the Night Vision Goggles

One of the major rules for the proper care of the night vision goggles is to pay attention to the instructions. It includes a lot of useful information and specific requirements for the device.

If you understand the working principle of the device, you may probably understand why the device is called a NIGHTvision goggles. That means that it is not recommended to switch on the device at day and to direct it to the bright light sources.

One of the significant elements of the device are lenses. Don’t touch them with your fingers. Such action can be fatal to them. Lenses are coated with a special covering and it is the most delicate element of the night vision goggles. Avoid touching it with dirty, especially oily cloth or, still worse, scratching items or tissues.

It is crucial to remove batteries from the device when you don’t need to use it. Note, that you should remove the batteries in normal weather conditions. Don’t store the device and its batteries in a high humidity area, because they affect it and may be damaged.

If night vision goggles are dirty and you want to rinse them, do it with the utmost of proper care, using a tissue dampened with a distilled water ONLY. Get a special set for the care of the night vision goggles.

If you don’t intend to use the device for a long time, remove the batteries to prevent corrosion inside the device. Pack the night vision goggles in a place that is away from the direct sunlight, high humidity conditions and high temperature.

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