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ATEQ TPMS tools are designed for assisting in activating, diagnosing, and programming TPMS sensors and systems. Industrial TPMS tools are suitable for small to large manufacturing to test TPMS sensors on OEM light vehicles and trucks.   

ATEQ TPMS VT57 is a brand-new device with a touchscreen interface. The device provides 100% OEM sensor diagnostic coverage, 90% OBD coverage, tire tread depth capturing, Sync-ID OBD technology, and more. A constant live sensor and Wi-Fi connection ensure the VT57 has the latest coverage. 

ATEQ TPMS VT37 is an ideal device for DIYers, technicians, and front counter workers. The device is used to activate, read, and service OEM & aftermarket sensor brands, and perform vehicle-specific TPMS relearn procedures as well. Constant live sensor and quarterly updates allow the TPMS sensors to be added to the tool easily. The VT37 is an ideal solution for servicing TPMS whether it’s stored in a glove compartment or toolbox.  

ATEQ TPMS VT15 is a unique TPMS sensor activation device used to assist in the TPMS reset. The device is most commonly used in conjunction with the OEM diagnostic scan tool, provided with TPMS features. The VT15 scans through all protocols, until the TPMS sensor is activated and emits its response.

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