TRUMPF Special Offer!

TRUMPF Special Offer!

Expires on July 31, 2024

Buy a TruTool N 500, N 700, or N 1000 Thick Sheet Nibbler & Get 10x Punches for FREE!

TRUMPF offers high-quality tools that are used by numerous customers worldwide. TruTool demolition nibblers are used to cut sheet thicknesses of up to 3/8 inch safely and reliably, without emissions and flying sparks. These are perfect solutions for disassembling oil tanks or stainless steel containers, demolishing steel structures, or dismantling power stations.

On Prime Buy, choose from TruTool N 500, N 700, and N 1000 thick sheet nibblers.


  • distortion and spark-free working;
  • no toxic vapors from heated paints or coatings;
  • robust rectangular punch ensures the highest level of profile flexibility;
  • clear view of the cutting line;
  • 4 cutting directions: can be rotated by 360° in 4 x 90° steps;
  • great for cuts across edges and weld seams, flat and doubled sheets as well as bends up to 90°.

With the purchase of a promotional TruTool N 500, N 700, or N 1000 nibbler, you will get a FREE GIFT:

Shop with Prime Buy!

*This Special Offer is valid until 07/31/2024.

**This Special Offer is not valid with any other offer, promotion, or promo code.

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