A Plasma Cutter is a piece of equipment that works by sending an electric arc through a gas - oxygen, nitrogen, argon, or shop air - passing through a constricted opening. This equipment is used to cut steel, stainless steel, and aluminum by applying a plasma torch.  A plasma cutter is irreplaceable in various projects with metal and it is most commonly used in such applications as on-site construction, salvage yards, DIY projects, and more.

A welding machine is a piece of equipment that is applied for fusing metals. It melts metal pieces and applies pressure to fuse them together. A welding machine releases an electrical arc from an electrode that allows it to melt metal pieces and provide filler into a joint between two pieces. This equipment is a crucial powerful tool used for many construction-related works that demand operations with metals.

Some customers think that welding is more of a craftsman’s trade while others consider plasma cutting an essential part of a project with metals. No matter what side of the debate you land on, select the ideal tool for your project on Prime Buy!