A pressure regulator is a valve that is designed to control the pressure of a fluid to a required value. Pressure regulators use the feedback of the regulated pressure as input to the control mechanism. Typically, such regulators are actuated by a special spring-loaded diaphragm or piston reacting to changes in the feedback pressure. A pressure regulator valve protects piping systems & equipment from pressure changes. Many models have an adjustable screw and lock nut so that the varying upstream pressure is easily converted into pre-set downstream pressure.

If the pressure in a system is too high, a relieving regulator stops the pressure flow and opens a vent, thus, the pressure escapes. The pressure levels get back to normal and then the regulator resets.

A filter regulator is among the most popular air preparation units. An air filter regulator is used for two main purposes: a) to filter liquids & particulate matter from an air supply; b) to provide smooth and reliable air pressure.

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