If you need to print labels using a thermal transfer printer, you’re going to need thermal transfer ribbons.  

A thermal transfer ribbon is a roll of clear plastic (PE) film coated on one side with a colored pigment, or black ink. The coating can be formulated using wax, resin, or a mixture of both. The thermal ribbon passes over the thermal print head with the coated side pressed against the label surface. The heat energy causes the pigment to transfer off the carrier film and bond to the surface of the label.

The element dots make up the print head and are electronically heated up and cooled rapidly by the printer as both the label and ribbon pass under it simultaneously. High speeds are achievable with the right match of ribbon, label, and printer.

Nowadays, most ID card printers come with laminating options. Popular IDCard Printers manufacturers such as MagiCard and Entrust DataCard produce advanced models with high-quality lamination options to help add to the security and durability of printed ID cards and badges. 

Lamination Ribbons are special additives that provide extra protection to your cards by adding a clear layer over the printed cards. They allow to protect cards from daily wear and tear, sunlight, water and other liquids. Lamination adds the improvement of the card’s appearance by enhancing the ink colors of the printed piece, thus creating a more professional look and holding attention longer. 

A layer of laminating on ID cards also prevents any dust and grime buildup on the surface of the cards. Any dirt can be easily removed from the ID card using a clean cloth and a mild soap solution. Laminating also makes ID cards water-resistant, making their cleaning and maintenance very easy. 

The choice of what printing ribbon to use depends on your needs and price. Choose from a wide range of printer ribbons on Prime Buy!