Prime Buy has a wide range of projectors. We offer products from trustworthy brands. There are devices with different characteristics:

  • the ability to play video in 3D;
  • built-in speakers;
  • wired or wireless connection.

When choosing projectors, the luminous flux plays an important role: the higher it is, the better the projector is able to perform in bright lighting. Image quality is also affected by the contrast ratio. The most common picture formats are 16:9 and 16:10. Projectors with a 4:3 aspect ratio are still quite common. Significant diagonal projection size is necessary if you have a screen of the appropriate size.

There are many models available. If your activity involves frequent movement from one object to another, then it makes sense to choose the lightest projector possible. Pay attention that portable projectors with extremely small dimensions are noticeably inferior to full-size models in terms of technical characteristics.

At Prime Buy, you can buy projectors from the world's leading manufacturers.

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