The coconut industry generates tons of waste - coconut husks that have excellent absorption qualities. Joe Davids, the founder of SpillFix, noticed it and decided to create an all-natural, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and effective spill solution.  

At Prime Buy, choose from a broad range of SpillFix products, including SpillFix granular absorbents, ultra absorbent boom socks that are filled with a granular absorbent, spill kits. Typically, spill kit contents include a granular absorbent, an absorbent boom sock, mat pads, and more. See the product description for more details. In addition, on our website, you can get absorbent mat pads, absorbent pillows, the list goes on. 

SpillFix solutions are perfect for facility managers who want to stop the spill, saving their time and reducing costs. These products are used in the automotive, mining industries, etc.

If you choose SpillFix, you will use less absorbent & less waste will be sent to landfill. 

SpillFix - Fix it, for good.

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