QYSEA solutions allow their users to connect with the underwater world. Moreover, it is possible to draw people’s attention to an array of ocean-related problems.

FIFISH is a leading UUV brand developed by QYSEA Technology Co., Ltd. Its products are made with the customer in mind, they help filmmakers, sports enthusiasts, etc. achieve their goals.

The QYSEA FIFISH V6 is excellent for underwater filming, ocean explorations, etc. The device can be used in low light conditions, it is perfect if you need unmatched underwater images.

The QYSEA FIFISH V6s has all of the advantages of the V6 with a better battery capacity and the addition of a neutrally buoyant robotic arm that will allow you to drag, drop, tow, as well as salvage various objects.

At Prime Buy, you can choose from a wide range of underwater drones. Discover the undiscovered with best-in-class equipment!

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