Acknowledged as a universal leader in the printing, imaging, and output solutions management, Lexmark has been creating and producing the best products in the global market for over two decades. Recognized as the best for its knowledge and experience that have helped to simplify and connect digital and print worlds, the company is chosen by many customers in education, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, etc. in more than 170 countries around the globe. Customers trust Lexmark’s innovative technologies and solutions.

With Lexmark, every individual is connected to the right information at the right time in the context of their business processes and applications. Lexmark solutions offer:

  • output management that brings efficiency, security, and cost control to business processes that demand printed information;
  • content management that lets you work with unstructured digital information at the moment it's needed;
  • process management that helps you improve and automate your operations using a cycle of design, discovery, and improvement for any process.

Lexmark integrates key technologies into a single comprehensive platform. The company combines these technologies with years of experience to craft solutions that work together with your enterprise systems. Add Lexmark’s culture of inquiry, collaboration, and customer responsiveness, and you will achieve the best results. Lexmark is focused on connecting unstructured information across your organization with the processes, applications, and people that need it most. Lexmark makes it happen every day for customers around the globe.

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